Magic B Films was formed in 2017 as a joint venture between Robbie Fraser and Alasdair MacCuish,
bringing together their creative energies to uncover and tell great stories.
  1. Alasdair MacCuish
    Alasdair MacCuish is one of Scotland’s most respected TV producers. Since 2007 he has delivered nearly 200 hours of television – feature documentaries, factual entertainment series and live music and events, he’s pretty much done it all. After producing his critically acclaimed film HAMISH in 2016, he decided to forge his creative talents with the film’s director Robbie Fraser and Magic B was born.
  2. Robbie Fraser
    Robbie Fraser is an award-winning filmmaker from Scotland. He has made four feature films, GAMERZ (2008), THE BRIDGE RISING (2013), FAMILY GOLDMINE (2014) and HAMISH (2016). His 2009 television documentary TORMOD won the Jury Prize at the Celtic Media Festival 2010, and his 2008 television drama ELVIS was nominated for Best TV Drama by BAFTA Scotland in 2010. His films have played at festivals worldwide.